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American films ARE foreign. No, they should not make remakes, they nearly always make a massive botch of them, usually chucking an interesting story line, or vital plot point completely out of the window.
Movies today are about making money. That's why I don't watch them any more.
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I don't mind. I usually end up being *Good cop*, because it's what I'm best at.
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I prefer the country.
All of my life, I've had access to both, and I have to say that city life drives me insane. I find it oppressive, and would totally wig out if I was forced to live somewhere like Londinium.
Where I live now is the worst of both worlds. Not country enough, and really annoying for travelling anywhere. The buses stop at 22.45, and taxis home cost a fortune, ffs.
It means anything that is hosted in, say, Sunderland, is a total no-no. Transport across the borough is even more retarded than the above.

At least if I lived where my dad does, at least I know I'll have to take the car, and lump it. They get two buses a week., tuesday and thursday (or they used to, they may have even cancelled that by now). There is a railway station, but it's a 2.5 mile walk on twisty country lanes, with no lighting.
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I have. I've never met them in person, but I wouldn't say that this is never going to happen, as I'm likely to try if I get the chance.



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