robo_toda ([personal profile] robo_toda) wrote2010-04-27 05:53 pm

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I feel like a twat.
This could be a partial reflection of my mood (i'm tired and depressed slightly), but it's got more to do with the fact that my in-laws are interfering again.

Background: It was interference from them, that led to Bailey being taken to the vet for no particularly good reason, and having one of his toes amputated, at horrendous cost (I ended up paying over £1600, it was insured, but that's not the point, you only get it back afterwards).
Now, they are worried, because he's limping occasionally. made me have him mutilated, and then complain that he limps when he's been chasing ball all day in the back lane. He's running on tarmac, ffs...not exactly paddy paw friendly.
He's now been whisked off to the vet.  I can see this costing me big time eventually....if I have the money or not.

In-laws. Can't live with them, not allowed to bury them under the patio...

Update. They are just back from the Vet. It's going to cost £160 for x rays. The vet doesn't think there's anything wrong, but the in-laws are insistiong, in case something else shows up. I'm beyond annoyed. It's not the point that they have offered to pay, they are just really getting on top of me with all this shit. It's just not necessary.

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