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American films ARE foreign. No, they should not make remakes, they nearly always make a massive botch of them, usually chucking an interesting story line, or vital plot point completely out of the window.
Movies today are about making money. That's why I don't watch them any more.
Ahhhh, Lapsang...
In case anyone's interested in Chorizo and chickpea stew, it goes something as follows:

1 level teaspoon paprika dulces
1 Chorizo ring
1 tin of chickpeas (you could use dried, but they'd need to be soaked overnight, the ones in the tin are already soaked)
1 medium Onion, finely chopped.
2 cloves Garlic
1 carton, tin, or otherwise, of either chopped tomatoes, or passata (finely chopped and seived tomatoes)

First in goes the chorizo, finely sliced, no oil. The chorizo will leak flavoured oil as it heats up. Once this has happened,put in the paprika, heat through for a miniute or two, followed by the onion then the garlic, and cook until it softens.
Next, drain the chickpeas, and add them to fry slightly in the oil. Only give these a couple of minutes, before adding the tomatoes or passata.
Heat  through, add salt and pepper to taste, and there you have it.
I'd imagine this would work for vegetarians (obviously omitting the chorizo), use olive oil at the start, and add a teaspoon of each of paprika picante and paprika dulces, really, substitute any other vegetable (as long as it isn't going to take hours to cook through).
Wonder if everyone got home from Durham ok last night?
Well, someone on Gothic Babes has got me on the point of defriending it.
It's bad enough posting topless shots without a cut, but posting the whole plucked turkey without a cut, is just too much. I'm not going to take getting hammered at work, or possibly sacked, because of someone else's irresponsibility.
Gah, time to stop whinging, and take action. It's gone, as soon as I've finished posting this.
Oh shit.
Bev's got manflu. Everybody hide!
Whitby Goth weekend in dager of collaps due to bankruptcy? Hardly surprising. They have the same old tired crap at the Spa nearly every time.
Boring delivery was very boring. I've got a few minutes to myself, before I have to take Bailey out. Just feel like going to bed for a week.
if you can read this, you just lost the game ;)
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I don't mind. I usually end up being *Good cop*, because it's what I'm best at.
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I prefer the country.
All of my life, I've had access to both, and I have to say that city life drives me insane. I find it oppressive, and would totally wig out if I was forced to live somewhere like Londinium.
Where I live now is the worst of both worlds. Not country enough, and really annoying for travelling anywhere. The buses stop at 22.45, and taxis home cost a fortune, ffs.
It means anything that is hosted in, say, Sunderland, is a total no-no. Transport across the borough is even more retarded than the above.

At least if I lived where my dad does, at least I know I'll have to take the car, and lump it. They get two buses a week., tuesday and thursday (or they used to, they may have even cancelled that by now). There is a railway station, but it's a 2.5 mile walk on twisty country lanes, with no lighting.
Further to the last post, I appear to have broken my left little toe. It's not a little pink thing any more, rather large and purple, and throbbing....ooer missus...

Major WTF?

May. 23rd, 2010 09:01 pm
I recently had a major WTF? moment.
I build PC's as a hobby, mainly as they are easy to do, the parts you can choose yourself, etc.
So it was a complete shock to be offered a job in an Apple Store. (Well, an interview, but I can dream) I'm not going to take it up, as I have absolutely no idea what the salary is. I can't afford to take any sort of pay cut, and jobs at the level I'm at are sort of hard to come by. It would have to be a major step up in pay for me to even consider it. Especially as I'm not Apple's biggest supporter (fanboy, whatever).
Not the world's biggest fan of completely controlled systems.
I wish this damn tinnitus would go away.
I've had it for over 12 years now (it started as a side effect of something I was prescribed), but lately, it seems to be much worse. That *could* be down to circumstances, (i'm under a lot of pressure at the minute). Just hope the fecker goes away soon.
Bailey's fine, there's absolutely nothing at all on the xrays.
On a more posiitive note, Bev's been told to cut down on the treats, as he's about 10% overweight.

Nothing we didn't know already.
I feel like a twat.
This could be a partial reflection of my mood (i'm tired and depressed slightly), but it's got more to do with the fact that my in-laws are interfering again.

Background: It was interference from them, that led to Bailey being taken to the vet for no particularly good reason, and having one of his toes amputated, at horrendous cost (I ended up paying over £1600, it was insured, but that's not the point, you only get it back afterwards).
Now, they are worried, because he's limping occasionally. Fucksake...you made me have him mutilated, and then complain that he limps when he's been chasing ball all day in the back lane. He's running on tarmac, ffs...not exactly paddy paw friendly.
He's now been whisked off to the vet.  I can see this costing me big time eventually....if I have the money or not.

In-laws. Can't live with them, not allowed to bury them under the patio...

Update. They are just back from the Vet. It's going to cost £160 for x rays. The vet doesn't think there's anything wrong, but the in-laws are insistiong, in case something else shows up. I'm beyond annoyed. It's not the point that they have offered to pay, they are just really getting on top of me with all this shit. It's just not necessary.
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I have. I've never met them in person, but I wouldn't say that this is never going to happen, as I'm likely to try if I get the chance.
Ok, I settled on a name.
It's * Die Fledermaus Photography*. After a quick Google, which didn't turn up anything other than pictures of bats, it was decided.
I may have been at the rum barrel again, but what the hell? A name is as good as another, and I'm amused at the implications of this one.
It just means more photo tomfoolery, like the sesh in Jesmond Dene today (which is a new venue for me, I've never been before).
Time to get some cards printed tomorrow. (I have them, just waiting for inspiration to strike)

*Update* I now have a few printed, and I'm playing with the setup a little. The cards are vellum laid, are self coloured, and I have a little bit of clip-art on them, that I've been playing with. I think the only problem might be that I don't really have an online gallery other than Flickr, which I don't actually put much on, even though one picture got used in an online guide to the North of England, mainly set up for Americans.
I'd love to wake up tomorrow and find I'd won the euro lottery.
Everyone can dream, I suppose...
I must be sad.
I've found a battery charger, and you would think I've won the lottery.
It wasn't even that I didn't know it was in the room I found it in....it wouldn't be allowed to be anywhere else.
Why couldn't I have found this on saturday?
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